Paulien 4Beeld Hal Werk Barbas

  1. Size: 27 × 21 cm
  2. Technique: offset print
  3. Year: 2010

In collaboration with Our Polite Society I made the catalog for the monumental sculpture exhibition Beeld Hal Werk that took place in an abandoned factory hall in Amsterdam North from 4 September until 31 October 2010.

The catalog consists of a series of 60 photographs that form a walk through the exhibition space. Every image shows two sculptures – one on the left and one on the right half of the frame – and runs across and around the outer edge of the book page, thus physically dividing the image into halves. The following image repeats the second work of the preceding image, but this time shows it as first. Performing this method throughout the book, spreads are generated that show one sculpture from two different angles – an attempt to solve the problem of representing a three-dimensional work in a two-dimensional medium. To ensure and emphasize the continuation of the image series, the book was bound french fold.